Alabama Consulting Forester Directory

Alabama Consulting Forester Directory A Service of the Bradley/Murphy Trust

Welcome to the Alabama Consulting Forester Directory, your source for finding a consulting forester that can help you with your forestry needs. Connecting forest owners and forestry consultants is important to the Trust. We believe this is the secret to wise forest management and that the benefits of these connections have been proven by many.

At Forester Search, forest owners can find and connect with consultants through our consultant directory. Consulting Foresters are indexed by counties where they often work. To get started use the form above to enter the Alabama county where you want to find a forester. Click on the county and then on Find a Forester. A printable list of foresters that service that county will appear.

Click VIEW PROFILE by the forester’s name to view more information. Then, if you have a forestry project you would like to ask a forester about – select up to 3 of the listed consultants to send an email request to them.

Legal Notice:
The following list of foresters is provided solely as a courtesy to landowners. To get on the list each forester self-certifies that they meet the definition of a consulting forester. The Bradley/Murphy Trust has not verified this information nor any of the details listed by the forester and can make no representation as to the quality of work or business practices of the foresters listed. As you would when seeking advice from any professional, please satisfy yourself that the forester and/or forestry company is legitimate and willing to work in your best interests.

The Association of Consulting Foresters, the only national organization for consulting foresters, was founded in 1948 by and for practicing forestry. Membership is limited to professional foresters who serve the general public in all woodland –related interests.

To become a member a forester must have:

  1. A minimum of a BS degree in Forestry from an approved college
  2. At least 2 years experience in practical forestry administration, management or other special forestry classification. (Full member status requires 5 years of experience.)
  3. A member’s principal business activity must be forestry consulting work to the public on a fee or contractual basis, and
  4. Members may not have an economic interest in a timber purchasing or procurement entity.
  5. ACF’s educational requirements are the most stringent in the forestry community and include attendance at the “Practice of Consulting Forestry” seminar and continuing education for members.